Tuesday Schedule

Join us Tuesday, August 4th for Education, Networking, the Trade Show and more. Tuesday is part of the Core Symposium Registration or register for the day. Movie Night Out is a ticketed event (complimentary) and limited to the first 120 registrants!

Tuesday Symposium Schedule

*Tuesday, August 4

  • 7:45 AM - 5:00 PM Education
  • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Trade Show Social
  • 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM Movie Night Out - limited to 120 people!

7:45 AM Welcome - Christa Steenwyk, President, Perennial Plant Association


7:50 AM Cultivating the Next Generation of Green Collar Career Professionals – What Are You Doing to Help? Paul Redman, President & CEO, Longwood Gardens

8:50 AM Horticultural History of Lancaster and Greater Philadelphia Gardens - Kirk Brown, National Outreach Coordinator, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

A new historical narration of the great horticultural riches in and surrounding Lancaster County. Drawing on a strong German heritage, the early settlers expanded on what was already a thriving trade in ornamental, agricultural, and medicinal plants from Philadelphia. From Quakers to the Amish, plants were viewed as part of God’s great gifts to humankind. Join Henry Muhlenberg as he introduces 250 years of plants in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

9:15 AM Grow Your Digital Presence - Jourdan Cole, Digital Media Manager & Content Creator, Garden Media Group

Colorful variegation and striking design elements make plants a favorite for social media. While strong visual content gives people a reason to follow, like and comment, there's more to achieving success than great pictures. Find out how purpose, narrative and timing can shape your social media strategy while also learning how to build a relevant and passion-driven story around the messages you share.

10:15 AM Break, Trade Show, Silent Auction

11:15 AM Hyper-functional Planting for Successful Stormwater Management - Claudia West, Author, Co-Founder, Phyto Studio

Functional plantings such as rain gardens and bioswales are gaining in popularity but also face severe challenges. They often fail to wow the public, offer a low level of ecological functions, and limited budgets for maintenance challenge plant survival and the effective management of stormwater. Examples of failed projects are plentiful and hurt the image of green infrastructure. We won’t solve these issues if we continue to compare functional planting design to painting on canvas and perceive plants as individual objects in space. It is time for a new approach—a plant community-based method which has evolved in the world of ecological science. Join us as we translate ecological principles of wild plant communities into planting design tools that will help you create better planting for high performing stormwater management systems. This presentation will introduce you to the science behind stable and lasting plant combination and give you the tools to create better planting for green infrastructure. Claudia's photo - credit Rob Cardillo

12:15 PM Perennial Plant Association Awards & Scholarships Presentation

12:45 PM Break, Trade Show, Silent Auction

2:00 PM Growing, Planting and Maintaining Native Plants: Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity - Larry Weaner, Principal & Founder, Larry Weaner Landscape Associates

For years 'native landscaping' was considered a hard sell. Not anymore. The question is now; Do growers, designers and contractors have the wherewithal to effectively and consistently provide it? In this presentation we will discuss the specific changes, many of them dramatic, that could help nursery and landscape professionals take advantage of this fast-growing movement. Larry's photo - credit Kim Sokoloff

3:00 PM Five Seeds Five Stories - Mary Vaananen, Manager, Jelitto Perennial Seeds

In every seed is a story of adaptation and survival, as well as its human connection; in every story, adventure, discovery, and a bit of awe for the incredible beauty and intelligence of the plant world. As a breeder of new selected seed strains, Jelitto welcomes nature's adaptation, partnering to make new forms available to gardeners around the world. Listen in as Mary tells these stories, weaves them together and draws you in for a unique and insightful session.

4:00 PM The Botany of Design - William Cullina, F. Otto Haas Executive Director, Morris Arboretum

Using his book, Understanding Perennials as a starting point, Bill Cullina tackles the thorny subject of garden design in a completely different way. In this fun and information filled talk he explores such things as the reasons for big leaves, variegation, red foliage and flowers and ways to create more satisfying designs without breaking the budget. He looks at life beyond the color wheel, the importance of healthy soil and reveals some of his best horticultural secrets while weaving together aesthetics, psychology, botany, and ecology into a fascinating one hour ride.

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Trade Show Social, Silent Auction

7:30 PM - 10:30 PM Movie Night Out - Zoetropolis Cinema private screening of Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf - limited to 120 people!

*Schedules are subject to change.



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