Thursday Schedule

Join us Thursday, August 6th for Education, Networking, the Trade Show and a visit to Chanticleer, a pleasure garden, for self-guided tours, bars, and supper in the Garden. Thursday is part of the Core Symposium Registration or register for the day.

Thursday Symposium Schedule

*Thursday, August 6

  • 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM Education
  • 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM Chanticleer Garden Visit

7:30 AM Welcome - Christa Steenwyk, President, Perennial Plant Association

7:35 AM The Art of Gardening: Secrets of Chanticleer - Bill Thomas, Executive Director & Head Gardener, Chanticleer Garden

Join Chanticleer's Executive Director and Head Gardener Bill Thomas for a visual tour and behind-the-scenes look at what the Washington Post calls “one of the most interesting and edgy public gardens in America.”  Chanticleer, once the home of the Rosengarten family, is known for residential-scale plant combinations featuring foliage textures and colors, a wide variety of containers, and imaginative homemade furniture.  This is a garden where the staff are the designers, competing with each other and with the horticultural world to make the garden fun, visually exciting, and environmentally responsible.  Bill will offer insights on what inspires this special place and preview PPA’s happening later on Thursday. 

8:45 AM First Breakout Sessions - Attendees pick one to attend

Trends Track

Putting Horticulture Back Into Popular Culture - C.L. Fornari, Independent Garden Communicator

The more the public values plants and gardens, the better off we are. But when people aren’t familiar with horticulture on even a casual level, the entire green industry suffers. Additionally, the public won’t work to protect what they aren’t aware of or interested in. Whether you’re a designer, IGC employee, grower, or general garden geek, this talk covers some of the ways we plant people can move horticulture back into the mainstream experience again. C.L. will present actionable ideas that can benefit your business while creating a demand for plants and gardens among the public.

Grower Track

IPM for Root and Crown Disease - Rick Yates, Technical Services Manager, Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies

Gain the upper hand on root & crown diseases with tips for early identification. Learn how cultural factors can work with fungicide use to decrease the incidence of disease. Discover how to maximize microbial fungicide options. We’ll also review the most effective chemical fungicides along with rotation strategies to minimize the risk of developing resistance.

9:45 AM Break, Trade Show and Silent Auction (Auction closes at 10:15 AM)

10:15 AM Second Breakout Sessions - Attendees pick one to attend

Trends Track

Getting it Right: Rain Garden Retrofits in Public Spaces - Kate Austin, Green Infrastructure Asset Coordinator, City of Lancaster

After 9 years of installing stormwater best management practices in public spaces, the City of Lancaster has learned many important lessons in the successful cultivation of rain gardens and other bioretention practices. This session will provide design, operation, and corrective maintenance case studies of bioretention practices built on public land in the City of Lancaster, including rain gardens and vegetated curb extensions installed in public parks, properties, and right of ways.

Grower Track

Why We Grow What We Grow - Bob Blew, Vice President, Centerton Nursery

In today’s retail marketplace, product offering means everything.  Knowing what to grow in what quantities is the key to maintaining a successful and growing business.  At Centerton Nursery, we are typically trialing 50-75 brand new plants each year.  Deciding which ones to grow (and sometimes more importantly, which ones to pass on) is quite the extended process.  In this session, we’ll discuss some of the items that have stuck out to us over the past two years of trials, why we like them, and why we think they should be part of everyone's garden palette.

11:15 AM Break, Trade Show, Silent Auction Pick Up

12:45 PM New to the Market Forum

Our New to the Market Forum is a National Symposium highlight. This is an invaluable opportunity for breeders and plant dealers from around the world to present their best and brightest to the industry while in Lancaster. Attendees can't wait to see what you have to offer! In addition to being shown at the Forum, photos and descriptions of entries will appear in the PPA newsletter in the following months.

2:00 PM Buses Load for visit to Chanticleer, a National Symposium Platinum Sponsor

Our visit to Chanticleer, a pleasure garden, includes self-guided tours, bars, and supper in the Garden. (Please note that Attendees are required to take conference-provided transportation.) Chanticleer is one of the newest and most visually exciting gardens in the Philadelphia area, known as America’s Garden Capital. A mile-long path meanders over 35 acres of themed areas featuring hardy and non-hardy perennials. The former Rosengarten estate opened to the public in 1993 and continues to evolve with contemporary design complementing historic terraces, sweeps of lawn, and magnificent trees.  Chanticleer is a study of textures and forms, where foliage trumps flowers, the gardeners lead the design, and even the drinking fountains are sculptural. Chanticleer staff invite you to explore the garden while enjoying a picnic supper of local food and drink. This informal gathering is a perfect time to connect with symposium Attendees, innovators, emerging professionals, leaders, and change-makers in the horticulture field.  The reception will be held rain or shine; garden attire and footwear are recommended. Image courtesy of Chanticleer, taken by Lisa Roper

10:00 PM Buses Return to Hotel

*Schedules are subject to change.

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