President’s Message

This is the time of the year when I am filled both with excitement for the spring and utter panic that there is so much to get done, and so much that I should have already finished that I am like a crazed woman running around from one thing to another. I literally have to remind myself to slow down and breathe.
Luckily, at the PPA office, we have the very calm and levelheaded Emily Bibens Chung leading her team down a well thought out checklist of items to accomplish. It is amazing how many massive tasks she has already marked off. I really hope everyone has started exploring the NEW WEBSITE and has filled out a personal profile. Through this profile, it will be easier to connect with other members of our tribe of fellow plant nerds. 
I also hope that you have looked over the program for the upcoming National Symposium happening in Chicago July 28-August 2! The local site committee led by Kyle Lambert, has laid out a FEAST of activities for you to enjoy. Registration is open, so sign up now to ensure you are not shut out of certain tours. Those are two massive accomplishments, but Emily is not stopping there—she has the board working on a strategic plan for the near future of the PPA and also looking at the legal bylaws laid out in 1984 for our organization. A lot has changed since 1984, so some major changes are necessary. Once we have the bylaws updated, we will share with membership for ratification, and then we can officially enter into a new era for the PPA!  
We are also looking at the bylaws of the PPA Foundation—a separate sister organization, which was formed to raise money specifically to sponsor student scholarships for our national symposium and fund plant research. Although a separate entity from the PPA, the original intent was for the two organizations to work closely together, with some members of the PPA board of directors also serving on the Foundation Board. I know this is not sexy stuff, but once done, we will really have a strong infrastructure and clear vision of where we are headed and how to get there.  
Ok, think that is enough from me, I need to get outside! 
I wish you all a joyous and prosperous spring, and just remember to BREATHE! 
Janet Draper, President 
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