President’s Message


Greetings all and Happy 2019!


The official start to my year is always the MANTS Trade show where I get to see so many members of my extended horticultural family. This year was no different, but I had the bonus of attending the Southern Nursery Association meeting which is held just prior to MANTS.  I was able to catch up with many people including former scholarship winner Mary Lewis from University of Georgia, who was presenting some of her work on Asclepias hybridization.  Tony Avent was in town to receive an award, also presented a fascinating overview of x MangaveTony realized Manfreda and Agave were crossing in the wild, so now he and Hans Hansen are making all kinds of crosses between those two genera and more. Who knows, pretty soon we may have fast growing Agave look a-likes this are hardy to colder climates.  


MANTS itself is always a total joy to see everyone and learn what is new in the industry.  I always leave charged up and ready to embrace the new growing season.  We are all so fortunate to work in an industry filled with such awesome people all making the world a better, greener place.  I am so proud of the work you all do and the PPA is here to help you.


Although things will remain dormant outside for a little while longer, the PPA is charging ahead.  Emily and her team are working diligently on a new PPA web page which will be a tremendous asset in helping connect and share more information which will in turn, help you be more successful.  Along with the new web site, we have two awesome information filled regional meetings which you can read more about in this newsletter. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to see you at the one in Baltimore.


The other front we are working hard on is the annual symposium which will be held in Chicago.  This first ever collaboration with AAS/NGB will add another dimension to this always enlightening programThe local site team has planned a jam-packed week and they continue to fine tune all of the details to make sure you leave with tons of new ideas and knowledge.   It is going to be an amazing time, so mark your calendars now and plan on joining us in Chicago


Spring is a little way off yet, but it will be here soon—I actually saw two Scilla mischtschenkoana (Snow Squill) in bloom this week, before the 8” of snow buried them!  I think Mother Nature is just like all gardeners, we are anxious for spring!


I hope you are healthy and warm, with visions of plants dancing in your head! 

All the best my friends, 


Janet Draper

PPA President
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