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The 2020 New to the Market Forum will be Thursday, August 6, 2020 from 12:45 – 1:45 pm 

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Our New to the Market Forum is a National Symposium highlight. This is an invaluable opportunity for breeders and plant dealers from around the world to present their best and brightest to the industry while in Lancaster. Note that the forum highlights plants and products. New in 2020 – participants can choose to display their plant or product on the New to the Market Forum Showcase Table! In addition to being shown at the Forum, photos and descriptions of entries will appear in the PPA newsletter in the following months. 


Put your best new selections out in front of the people that matter by following these simple instructions:


How many plants and/or products can I present? (up to 3 total)
- Each presenter (or company) can present and display (if you choose to display items):

- a maximum of up to three (3) plants

- a maximum of up to three (3) products

- a combination of plants and products for up to (3) total entries

How long do I have to sing the praises of said plant(s) or product(s)?

- Five (5) minutes, max, for up to three plants and/or products total. NOT five minutes per plant and/or product. This time limit is non-negotiable.

Sounds great. What do you need from me?
1. “New to the Market Forum Entry Form: General Information” filled out completely.

2. One “All About Your Plant(s) or Product(s)” page for each plant or product entered.

3. Up to three marvelous, high-resolution images per plant and/or product and a company logo image. Submit in JPG, TIFF, or PNG format. No PowerPoint or Keynote files accepted. We will compile all images into one spiffy presentation to reduce transition time.

4. Please provide payment of $100 per plant or product to be part of the Forum and $50 per plant or product you would like to be part of the Forum Showcase Table (display are).  See “Entry Form” for payment instructions.  For questions on payment, please email Rachaele Andrews at


Deadlines, I need deadlines...

- Above items must be received by PPA office no later than July 1, 2020.

- The number of participants will be limited to 15, so send in your information early before it sells out!
- Registration and presentation will be in order of receipt of a complete application package, including entry form, product entries page(s), images, and payment. You are not considered registered until all these items are received.  


Questions? Contact Rachaele at the PPA office at, or call 888-440-3122 ext. 3.





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