Monday Education

Join us Monday, August 3rd for Perennial Plant Education Day - details listed below - or one of our two Bus Tour options. Then, meet us back at the hotel for the PPA Business Meeting and head out to discover Lancaster.

*Monday Symposium Schedule

  • 7:15 AM - 4:00 PM Northwest & York Bus Tour
  • 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Lancaster & Local Bus Tour
  • 9:30 AM - 4:15 PM Perennial Plant Education Day
  • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Perennial Plant Association Business Meeting
  • Discover Lancaster  - Explore on your own or swing by one (or all) of our suggested meet up locations where PPA Members will be waiting to greet you! Each location is within walking distance from the hotel and has been recommended by our Local Site Planning Committee. See you there!
  • Featured Event - Emergent Meet Up - more details coming soon!
  • Walking Tour of downtown Lancaster private gardens (4:30-7:30 PM)
  • Tellus360 - 24 E. King Street
  • Annie Bailey's Irish Public House - 28-30 E. King Street
  • The Exchange (hotel rooftop bar) - 16 E. King Street
  • Lancaster Dispensing Company - 33 N. Market Street
  • Yorgos Restaurant & Lounge - 66 N. Queen Street


Monday Education Day

presented in partnership with our sponsors

$199 PPA, PHS and Morris Arboretum Members

$219 Non-Members


9:00 AM Registration Opens

9:30 AM Plants for Pollinators: the Ecological Value of Ornamental Perennials - Emily Erickson, Entomology Graduate Student, Penn State University

Declining pollinator populations need our help, and one of the best things that you can do in your own community is to plant more flowers! We will discuss how to manage a home garden or aesthetic landscape to support pollinator biodiversity and the current status of the science on ornamental perennial plants and pollinators. 

10:30 AM Think Outside the Mailbox: Clematis (and Nomenclature) Surprises - Jeff Jabco, Director of Grounds/Coordinator of Horticulture, Swarthmore College and the Scott Arboretum, and President, International Clematis Society

Vigor, color and elegance all in one!  Clematis are a varied group of herbaceous perennials, shrubs and woody vines. There exist more than 200 species and hundreds of cultivars which may be selections of species or hybrids between species, and some of these are hardy down to USDA hardiness zone 3. Because of this diversity, not all clematis are relegated to the mailbox, but gardeners are able to grow clematis in many ways--and most of these are quite non-traditional. Jeff will discuss clematis in varied garden settings from around the world, and some of the many new hybrids that are recent introductions or ones that will be reaching the US market soon. Recently, clematis have had a change to the groupings based on when they flower/how they flower. This might be confusing for a bit but it should make understanding and growing clematis much easier once the new groups are understood and promoted.

11:30 AM Where Are They Today? 30 Years of Perennial Plant of the Year David L. Sanford, Associate Professor of Ornamental Horticulture, Penn State University

Each year since 1990 one of the goals of The Perennial Plant Association was to educate gardeners on great preforming perennial plants by selecting and promoting a ‘Perennial Plant of the Year’.  Selection was based on a plants ability to grow in a range of climatic conditions, resistance to disease and pests, low maintenance, multiple seasons of interest, excellent foliage, easily propagated, and available.  We will review the past winners and see how they have held up to the test of time or have they been replaced with newer selections.

12:30 PM Break

1:15 PM Containers That Create Spaces - David Mattern, Horticulturist, Chanticleer Garden

Containers in the garden can be used effectively in a myriad of ways, and (at the very least) are fun to create and enjoy! Going beyond using containers as accents, they can also be used to define or create spaces in the garden.  At Chanticleer, container plantings are utilized not only for the beauty of the plant combinations, but for the transformative ways they influence a garden space. This talk focuses on the various ways David uses containers around the Chanticleer terraces to create innovative container displays from year to year. As well as how mixed combinations of perennial plants alongside annuals, tropicals, and even vegetables emphasize the overall design. From spring through fall, see how containers inspire guests at Chanticleer. 
2:15 PM Eat, Drink, Plant - Peggy Anne Montgomery, Account Executive, Garden Media Group and Dan Benarcik, Horticulturist, Chanticleer

A light-hearted look at how two very different horticulturists created one (hopefully) harmonious garden. Join in on the journey of compromises and considerations that happen when working together to build a garden. The focus will center around design takeaways plus lots of favorite plants!

3:15 PM Designing With Perennials: The Public Gardens and Landscapes of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society - Andrew Bunting, Vice President of Public Horticulture, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Together with partners, PHS helps to build beauty in key public landscapes across Philadelphia by managing landscapes and gardens using environmentally and ecologically responsible methods, material and techniques. Join Andrew for a virtual tour of favorite perennial combinations throughout locations such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Logan Swann Memorial Fountain, Rodin Museum, Azalea Garden, Navy Yard, Eastern State Penitentiary and more! Attendees will also learn about how PHS provides landscape management services to make sure public landscapes flourish—sustainably.

4:15 PM Education Closing Remarks

*Schedules are subject to change.
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